Welcome to my homepage!

I’m Romain, a postdoctoral researcher at MPIA interested in galaxies and black holes in the first billion years of the Universe. I am mainly an observer who uses the largest ground- and spaced-based telescopes to detect the most distant objects and understand how the epoch of cosmic reionisation unfolded.


  • Cosmic Hydrogen Reionisation
  • First Galaxies and Quasars
  • IGM/CGM evolution
  • Machine Learning


  • PhD in Astrophysics, August 2020

    University College London

  • Msc in Physics, 2017

    École Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne

  • BSc in Physics, 2015

    École Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Measuring the escape fraction of ionising photons of z~6 galaxies

SAZERAC Online Conference - July 2020 (Youtube link below!)

First-Author Publications


Double-peaked Lyman-alpha emission at z=6.803: a reionisation-era galaxy self-ionising its local H II bubble

We report the discovery of a double-peaked Lyman-alpha profile in a galaxy at $z=6.803$, A370p z1, in the parallel Frontier Field of …

The role of galaxies and AGN in reionising the IGM - III : IGM-galaxy cross-correlations at $z\sim 6$ from 8 quasar fields with DEIMOS and MUSE

We present improved results of the measurement of the correlation between galaxies and the intergalactic medium (IGM) transmission at …

New Constraints on Quasar Evolution: Broad Line Velocity Shifts over 1.5≲z≲7.5

We present the results of a model-independent investigation of the rest-frame UV spectra from a comprehensive sample of $394$ quasars …

Quasi-stellar objects acting as potential strong gravitational lenses in the SDSS-III BOSS survey

We present a sample of 12 quasi-stellar objects (QSOs) that potentially act as strong gravitational lenses on background emission line …

The role of galaxies and AGNs in reionizing the IGM - II. Metal-tracing the faint sources of reionization at 5 ≲ z ≲ 6

We present a new method to study the contribution of faint sources to the UV background using the 1D correlation of metal absorbers …